First stop: Chicago, USA


Hello from Chicago, the Windy City or as it's known right now the damn cold city! We've been here two days, arriving on Friday (31st) night on an interesting flight out of London which was delayed an hour as paramedics were on board dealing with a co pilot that injured his head on a switch, then delayed in Chicago because the paramedics had to come on board to deal with a sick passenger...... All that while sitting next to someone transporting an urn of ashes!

Still we are here, I will post somewhat longer posts later but I am currently sitting on 500 images from those two days alone so once I've calmed down I'll focus a bit and tell you all about this city. So far though it's been pretty great, friendly people (unless you're homeless-they seem to like shouting at the homeless!??), GREAT pizza, beautiful architecture and a transport system that I cannot stop being mesmerised by. 

Until next time.