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The start....


So here we go then. Everything is all official so i feel i can now write about the upcoming month and year the 2014. Last week i handed in my notice after living in London for 15 odd years and working for six years photographing homes, its been fun, stressful, annoying, eye opening and rewarding but there was always going to be a breaking point and it happened. Earlier this year my girlfriend and i decided enough was enough and it was time to flee the country for a bit.

Starting in November we, with two other friends will be flying to China for 15 days for an epic once in a lifetime trip (it really is!) then will return to London for one final month, in January 2014 we will fly to Chicago then start to trek across to San Francisco which we will use as a base for adventure. We have no idea for how long, or where we will end up, but i (we) cannot wait. 

I hope to be doing some interior/architecture work Stateside, but my goal is to enjoy photography again, and for my girlfriend to start to write again. Personally i have always loved shooting landscapes/travel shots so hopefully i can somehow do this to help fund further endeavours, we shall see. 

For now, welcome to my new "Travel Blog" where i shall post the exciting times ahead.  



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