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Surfers: France

The usual time and date rolled around, as usual I do my best to get away from it and avoid it. This year we retreated back to Bordeaux for my birthday and a little R&R before the craziness of The Other Art Fair kicks in.... Its probably no secret I have a slight obsession with surfing/skateboarding visuals and love taking photos of surfing in particular so, thats where I spent my afternoon in the South Of France sunshine.   

Road Trip: Scotland

I will keep this blog word light as it is image heavy. The road trip started with Edinburgh and ended 10 days later in Glasgow, what happened in between was approx. over 1200 miles of sweeping roads, lots of changeable weather (often rain based), rainbows, a whiskey distillery, three incredible Airbnb rentals and a bonkers glamping experience. There was lots of photos, tons of tourist sights, me falling over in mud four times, great food.......and of course, the incredible, beautiful, wonderful Scottish Landscape and that magical Isle of Skye. 

Stocksy: San Francisco Stock Photography

Since being accepted into Stocksy last year, i've slowly been going through all my hard drives and uploading work. There is many many shots that most people havent seen, especially from my travels to America last year so I thought I'd share a few of my faves and spotlight my San Francisco Gallery. 

You can see the full gallery and licence these images here:

My full Stocksy page is here

On Film: Scanning with the Epson V800

It has finally happened, I have my own scanner. After a lot of thought, pondering, listening to others, I decided to go with my gut and order an Epson V800 flatbed scanner. Now, this has been in the plans since last year when I went up to Large Format photography and discovered not only was the film expensive (approx £50 a box in UK for 10 shots) but getting them developed and scanned by a lab was financially crippling. It’s even worse when the lab destroys 16 of those negs (although they blamed the post office). But now finally I am in complete control over my film images from start to finish and that feels great. 

So what’s it like? Well, it’s big! Didn’t really think about that, it also attracts dust like...... well, a very dusty forgotten corner of a shed buried in the bottom of a long lost garden allotment! Everyone warned me about scanning, its tedious, slow, boring, frustrating, so far I’ve yet to really experience that. The worst part of scanning is loading the tray up, pre scanning only to realise that neg is full of sucky images, but thats not the scanners fault.

Epson wise, its fast, produces superb quality scans and the Silverfast software, whilst not exactly intuitive at first is easy enough to use. The only 'issue' I have had is the software comes on a disc, Apple iMacs no longer have disc drives and downloading from the Silverfast website wasn’t exactly easy as it kept asking to insert said disc.... arrrrrrrrrrrgh. Thank god for Google! 30mins later it was sorted. 

So, its been painless, its been quicker than everyone told me it would be, its less annoying than everyone told me it would be, the negs fit the trays despite all the Amazon reviews saying that they don't and its producing scans that I’m super happy with too. Um, yeah first impressions are that I have made the right choice, unless I am doing something very wrong and I am sure there are many experts out there that will advice me that I am wrong.

Below are a few shots from 4x5 and 120s.  

'Best of' 2014

I have resisted doing a 'Best of' post, mostly because everything I have done or photographed has been well documented in the blogs or on social media. Also 2014 was SO good it sort of feels like "hey, look how good my year was", and I dont really like that. However it included some real photographic and memorable highlights. So I hesitate to list exactly how good it was and leave this purely as a photographic post. They might not be my "best" photos, but they all symbolise a memorbale moment in 2014. 

Hope your year was as good!