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2017: Pinhole photography and Instant film

james tarry

New Year and a new set and style of images. 

This new direction has been on the cards for a very long time now but trying to get all the ducks in a row to produce it was proving difficult: the pinhole camera was delayed nearly a year, the instant film is pretty experimental and also very expensive for only 5 shots per box. 

Ultimately I wanted to produce a set of images that were 'dream like', calming and atmospheric in quality hence the pinhole camera choice. I also wanted them to be insanely imperfect, which lends itself well to the New55 instant film as the spread of chemicals is never quite the same and often bleeds out. In my head I think I was also aiming for less photorealism and more of a 'painterly' quality, they (I believe) will look really fantastic printed on some textured paper, and big, of course. 

The B&W film packs seem to work better then the Colour for me, they also have the added bonus of being on a sort of textured paper so when zoomed in you can see cracks, like dried paint..... the B&W packs are also £5-10 cheaper so there's that too!

They are very different to my previous work, which tend to be big bright colours but I feel they still fit within the same realm as I further try to push film photography. My main concern is that they do not translate well on a screen and to really 'get' them they need to be printed. Either way, I'm looking forward to continuing with this, getting feedback on them and hopefully showing it this year at an Art Fair or two during the year. 





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