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All Roads Lead to Dungeness.....

It started with a Text.. or a Tweet.. I cannot really recall, either way it ended with an enthusiastic "yes" in return. My friend Cole was wanting to go to the Sound Mirrors in Denge but strugging to get there without a car (which fortunatly I have) and did I want to join to go see them and then head on into Dungeness? 

The Sound Mirrors of Denge is something I knew nothing about, but after a quick Google found that they were these massive concrete structures that functioned as an early warning system for incoming planes during the war. They only open them up once a year now to vistors and as it's not exactly the easiest to get to, I was somewhat hoping it wouldnt be rammed with people and photographers.... it was (despite what it suggests in the selected photos here ha) 

Dungeness on the other hand was a place I had heard of. A somewhat 'odd' place, with a beach beside a nuclear power plant, a smattering of architecturally designed holiday homes inbetween unmodernised holiday homes and shacks. An area of 'abandoned' but apparently also still working fishing area with paraphernalia littered all over the place. It has severeral lighthouses and an odd little 'model train' thing that runs and toots through it, all while the power plant looms in the distance. It is somewhat bleak... but bizarrely fascinating. It also reminded me of the Salton Sea which we visited in California (click here for that blog article). With some wonderful flat light and our tummies full from fish rolls and fried Potatoes from a nearby container turned sea food cafe we set off shooting as much as we could..... 


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