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Mind State Project: Update

Been a good couple of months since I've posted, there are a couple of reasons for this; 1/ i've been lazy and 2/ I've been busy! ha 

I've been continuing the The Mind State project and I have completed a number of new images and scrapped even more than that. Mid way through waiting for some new Black and White to arrive I tried to switch it up by buying old Polaroid colour film but both boxes were dry and unusable. In the end it made sense to keep this whole project Black and White especially as it seems to be more reliable. 

Last week "29.01.2017" made its first outing into the world and hung on the wall of Salon Des Refuses exhibiton in Islington. As a 54" x 40" print, it dominated our living room but on a gallery wall it seemed (to me at least) to lose some of its impact. I have always wanted these prints to be huge and immersive so I felt a little disappointed. However, long term-I'd like to get these into a gallery all on their own so there will hopefully be time to sort that "isssue" out. As it stands 54" x 40" is big enough-it will certainly look impressive come The Other Art Fair in October. I just hope that they attract the attention they seem to be getting in the online world. In the last couple of months since really chucking everything at this-the amount of people either being in touch about it because the subject has connected with them or because they love the trees/look and feel has been really nice. 

In other news I have been on Jon Wilkenings Podcast. He and others have been nagging at me for ages to do this, but as someone who finds talking on phones extremly stressful I had been putting it off for equally as long as they've been nagging! It touches on the project, my past and my commercial work. You can listen below:

And I think thats it for now. I will leave you with a few images from the series and behind the scenes of it all. Until next time.