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The Run Down: February

james tarry

February arrived and now its gone in a blink, so quick that my run down this month (11 days into March) is kind of rushed (please excuse grammar!).... must try better next time. So here are some things I've seen, photographed, Loved, listened too and enjoyed in the month of February 2017:

Podcast: every week photographer Bill Wadman and Jeffery Saddoris sit down and talk about photography related topics and not so related topics (art, tech, politics, it all gets thrown in). What I particulary enjoy most about this podcast is the refreshing honesty between the two, they quite often highlight/talk through their struggles of their own projects, its great editing background listening and not gear talk heavy. You can find them here: or on iTunes. 

Exhibition: Tate Modern currently has 3 great exhibitions on and if we had researched them better we would have seen the other 2 on the same day for only a fraction more on top of the entry fee. Tate do a multiple entry ticket which we didnt get because we didnt really know what the other exhibits were about! We went along to see the Robert Rauschenberg exhibit which was superb and well worth the entry fee alone though. The other exhibits on currenty are: The Radical Eye: Elton Johns collection and Wolfgang Tillmans photographic exhibtion. The latter which I would have loved to have seen.... had I known what it/he was! Never mind. Also on in London at Tate Britian is David Hockney which we keep trying to get tickets for but is constantly sold out on the days we can visit! 

Artfinder: I sell some of my work via Artfinder and was invited down as a London artist to support International Womens Day, sadly I was working in the hours that they were there. I find this chart of Artfinders artists gender very interesting and positive compared to MoMA. Here is the link if you would like to find out more:

Twitter: This month I came across the work of portrait photographer 'Josh Wool', his work is just beautiful: go take a peep here> 

My photo of the month from a very enjoyable shoot for Studio29 Architects of a Chelsea apartment they had designed.


Lastly the February playlist: click the link to listen to some of the music I've been listening to throughout the month (Via Spotify)

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