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The 'why why why why why's?"

james tarry

If you can spare a minute I'll share a little background.

Back in my school days, heck, before my school days I wanted to be an artist, specifically animation. I vividly remember sitting and copying Judge Dredd, Beano characters and Garfield - I could get them bang on, even to the point I got one published in the Beano. Pop a pencil in my hand say "draw that" and I could. I picked a school on its merits of Art. I did work experiance at a studio and painted animation cells for a commercial, I aced Art and Design and so I took film studies and photography and again aced them. I knew pretty much what I wanted to do, design, architecture, drawing, photography..... anything in the realm of creativity, sadly the college teachers pretty much smacked all that out of me. By the end I gave up on the idea of going to University, pretty much gave up trying in photography and art classes. I put down the pencils, gave up painting and didnt bother with a camera for about 10 years. Which brings us up to speed. Well....sort of anyway, minus all the usual ups downs sideways antics and tales of life which might be more apt for a different blog post. 

I think, in fact I know its been a long road, you've probably sat there on Twitter or via here and witnessed it. It started with a simple idea, morphed into something else, that in turn led into that, and that turned into this, this turned upside down into that and then somewhere along the line I developed a technique by complete luck and here I am, doing slightly odd layers of full blown colour weirdness. I think, if I went back through these blog posts its probably been over a year in the making, and now the next step. 

I was inspired again, mostly by one artist, partially one photographer, and definitely one heck of an amazing and encouraging girlfriend. But almost certainly 60-70% of it came down to one man, Jean-Michel Basquiat. I think that might be (yet) another tale for another day but essentially I felt that fire and desire that I hadnt felt since I was about 17years old.... to paint. Something, anything. It did not need to look great, it did not need to be a masterpiece, it did not need to make any sense to anyone else. It was personal. I was looking at my recent series and 'it' clicked. So, off it went to the Printspace and back it came 45 inches x 45 inches bigger and I attacked it and shared each step along the way in keeping with my (and Austin Kleon's) 2016 mantra of "Show Your Work"!

This whole experiment was largely (thankfully) met with encouragement, to all of you that followed along, Tweeted and have privately messaged/emailed me about it, I thank you, It has meant a lot. On the flip side and sadly Inevitably (and usually with anything I seem to do, or anyone does on the internet), I got a whole load of the "why this why that, what does that mean, whats the point, do you know someone else does this kind of thing? blah blah blah" brigade, and to you all, all those that want to know the answer to "why and what's the point?" all the time, well, because I wanted to....... and can. In fact that's the answer to why any of us try and do most things, we want to and can. 

It gets a little dull reading things like that and for me at least, it reminds me of those days where the teachers were trying to put me off. I guess its a sad common theme of the world wide web and especially when someone tries to do something a little 'different', or even not so different. Add a little snide remark here, sow some doubt there, pull at the thread. I'm told that its often down to jealously, I don't know about that. I do know that this has been a wonderful few weeks for me, and the final image needs no justification or explanation really (apart from this long drawn out blog post - haha) and neither does the next one, yes, I'm going to be attacking the one below next!!! 

So, if you have an idea, no matter how silly it feels do it, have a go. It matters not if its not a Picasso or a Eggleston, or that it looks like something your child did in nursery just matters that you gave it a go and added something to the world. 

P.S: found this today...  had to pop it in.




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