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The Run Down: January

james tarry

Welcome to 2017 and the first month of "The Run Down", a monthly newletter where I will highlight things I've seen, photographed, Loved, listened too and enjoyed. 

First up: If you have 10mins to spare, in fact even if you don't make sure you have a look through Jerry Schatzberg's website: . Just some insanely beautiful photography of people, places and bygone ages

Peter McKinnon is a photographer I came across randomly on Youtube this month. He makes fun, quick and humour filled videos on photography tips that both amateurs and pro's could/can use. The one below "Something Every Artist needs to hear"and has some very wise words in it. 


This months Book: Jon Ronson "So You've Been Publicy Shamed" all about people that have faced public shaming either by media or online such as Twitter. 


Jon Wilkening is a photographer who's work I love and thankfully own a couple of prints of! He shoots handheld pinhole street photography and he released his second self funded 'zine' this month: "Tiny Plastic Box Vol2": go check him out at or on Twitter at @jonwilkening

Finally this months musical playlist. January doesnt bring a whole lot of new releases in the music industry so I've been largely rediscovering and playing older tunes; want to know what, then click here for my "Music to Edit to" Spotify Playlist ..... or here:



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