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Travel: The Pyrenees, France

"Would you like to go to The Pyrenees in January?"

Well, how can you say no to that? Work is often quiet after the Christmas break so what better time? And so off we trotted. 

We spent the week in a beautiful little village surrounded by mountain tops and tons of fresh air. Sadly there was not much snow so restricted my hopes of going for snowboard lessons, I had also caught a gastro virus so spent first two days in bed..... of course! (ha). Midweek we lucked out, we had booked a guided raquette hike and we were led through a valley full of largely untouched beautiful white stuff and the next day involved a cable car ride up to a ski resort where we wandered around then hiked down the mountain back to base. The snow pretty much vanished again after that. 

Our last day was spent witnessing the 'Celebration of the Pig" in town, full of food stalls, marching bands and the 'fresh' pig itself...... quite difficult to eat black pudding after you have seen and stood next to someone elbows deep in buckets making it!!! 

10 days all in all, with a couple back in my favourite Bordeaux. France, as always, never fails to disappoint. Not a bad way to start 2016.