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A frank Sony A7R2 Review

I've updated my camera (Whoop!). Up till now I have been shooting on a Canon 5dmk2 and it has served me very well. In fact I've been shooting on Canon's for 20 odd years, I've tried Nikons and Fujis in amongst that but Canon stuck and the old boy was dying after being used day in day out for the best part of 5 years and a change was needed. 

So here is the thing, you can see 100,000 "reviews" and opinions on the new Sony A7r2. They will tell you why you should not be 'switching', some will tell you why you should be, some will be pulling it apart bit by bit. There is/will be photographers arguing in the comments sections for months on end and none of their opinions matter (or mine). Every single photographer uses their gear differently, some like a "bam bam bam" fast approach, some are dictated by the brand they hold in their hands, some like a slow measured route, some shoot people, some shoot buildings some just shoot cats! The only way you will ever know if a camera suits you is by using the camera and not by reading the thoughts of some 'expert' behind a keyboard. There is no "perfect" camera. You, hell, I, dont need to justify my brand choice.

No working professional really gives a hoot what you are using unless they are an ambassador or sponsored, or have a ton of time on their hands. Why? Well, we are all too busy earning money with the gear we have decided that suits OUR needs. I have chosen to jump over to Sony because it feels like it will suit all my needs over the offerings of the Canon's and the Nikons-only time will truely tell if I have made the right choice. I cannot tell you or advise you on what camera suits you and I wont be contibuting to the slew of opinions out there, its getting a tad tiresome seeing and reading other people squabble it out over minor things such as a brand in our 'community'.

And that is my review on the Sony A7R2 ;-) 

Now stop reading this and go shoot photos. 

P.S If Shaun is reading this, see, I told you I wouldnt do a review! :-p