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On Film: Thoughts

It was probably a bit mad to lug 4 cameras (5 including the iPhone 6) and a 70-20mm lens on the trip to Scotland but I wanted to clear a few things up in my head mostly about why and how I am using film and digital, and it has done that.

I shot a bunch of digital images and 5 rolls of film in 10 days, the below images are from the Medium Format Hasselblad, and I (sort of) like but, and heres the thing..... I feel I have no real use for them!  These feel a bit like 'hey look, I shot this on film,' and does that make them automatically better than the digital equivalents? No, it doesn't, although sometimes I feel that is how people feel.

They have also taken me maybe 3 times longer to process, develop and scan than the digital work and what are they going to be used for? As a portfolio filler? Maybe-but knowing me, probably not as I am notoriously harsh on sharing film photos because often i'm left not liking too many of them. There is 7 shots below out of 5 films, and truthfully I only really REALLY like two of them, the rest of the negs, "meh".... and yes, it is fair to say that I judge myself and work very harshly, I am always reminded of that. 

My last two projects have been all on film because there's been that clear defined reason in my head to use the medium, the next one that I have bubbling away under the surface will be on film also because I am not sure how I could do it on digital. It is clear to me that unless I have a precise reason to shoot something on film (a project for example) then I am probably better off using my digital camera, especially when it comes to travelling. It is fair to say that the digital images that I have shot on this trip, well, I personally prefer and they have all gone up on my Stocksy site to be sold off.

So while I sit here knackered after schlepping all that gear up the side of mountains, falling on my backside in muddy water 4 times, and getting drenched by rain almost every day it has been totally worth it if only to focus my mind and set the parameters of exactly why I use what I do and when I do.