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First Impressions: The Instax Wide

After the 'success' of the "One Shot, One Print, One Owner" project I have been looking to do some more with Instant Film. Something a little more portable than the 4x5 (not that that film is available much anymore anyway now) and here is the dilemma faced:

Buy a Polaroid Camera and use Impossible Film, buy a Polaroid Land Camera and use Fuji Peel Apart film or go the Fujifilm Instax route. 

Now, everything I have read and seen by many many photographers on 'Impossible' puts me off using them, also the price per shot is pretty high. And yes while quality and failings in their films has improved it is (apparently) still often hit and miss. Fuji peel aparts are for me the perfect Instant but, if you followed my "One Shot" project then you will know that they are slowly discontinuing the films. The FP100 45 has gone, the FP3000 B&W has been discontinued and rumours are the last remaining colour FP100 will be next, I get it, sort of. The Instax has been so successful for them, why produce film for the minority........ but it still sucks-its such a good looking film. That leaves the Instax; it comes in two flavours the 'mini' and the 'wide', my thinking was that these would be around and slightly more cost effective for the forseeable future than risking on the Peel Aparts. Approx £60 for the camera (I bought the older model) and £20 for a box containing 2 packs of film with 10shots on each (compared to £15+ a box and 8 shots for Impossible) it pretty much sold itself

Today I went out for a first trial. 

First impressions then? It isnt all that surprising, the camera is a big old plastic ball of fun. Point, press button and the shot pops out the top and develops in around 5mins (ish). Its incredibly simple to use, theres a flash button, and on/off button and one to make the shot lighter or darker. My only issue today was in darker areas, even with the flash switched off the camera still turned it on, this was fixed by covering up the flash itself, other than that I love it! Fuji colours, good sharpness and brings a smile every time.

I can see myself doing some interesting things with this camera/film, it has potential. I will continue to post as I get a bit more used to it, at the end of the month I will be travelling to Scotland and will be trying to do a mini project in Skye with it so look out for that... Until next time, thanks for reading.