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Project: Thoughts, twists, turns and opinions

Hey there! So the other day over on social media I posted an image of a concrete wall that had been lit up by neons. It was shot on my 4x5 using Kodak Ektacrome and cross prossessed in the 'wrong' chemicals and it came out looking something like this:

I will be honest, I was expecting an onslaught of the 'vomit inducing' kind when I popped it on various platforms. As I said in another post (here) that this 'cross processing' is an acquired taste. I had this week read comments from someone saying Cross processing was the lowest of the low for film photographers to 'dabble in', it was like HDR-it hurts the eye balls etc etc. 

Here's the kicker-surprisingly, I think I got more 'likes' (everyone likes a like), comments and discussions about that shot than most images I post. But when I ask why they liked it, most could not quite pinpoint a reason..... apart from "I like the colours". Well, I have just processed another shot from that day and this is why I am writing this post. 

I was umming and aaaahing over if I should share it or not, I struggle with the idea of keeping all these project shots quiet till the end or let people see the progression as it unfolds and evolves, which it had dramtically since the start (and has again). See, It is a bit bonkers. It has been shot at night and yet the sky is blue, the colours are obviously mad, and of course its all out of focus (on purpose). Yes, my idea of this whole project (or when I got to this stage) was to push the bounderies on modern architectual photography, i.e.: digital, clean, polished (and beautiful I should add), and mostly push what I was capable of producing. I want(ed) to challenge, get the viewer really looking into it. I want big prints of colour, something to grab the attention of the casual observer (and possibly competition judge), something to really make a discussion. Possibly this is doing it. Possibly this is going too far? 

Would love to know your thoughts, not just on these but the concept of pushing perceptions of colour, focus, imagination.