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Trials, Errors, Expired film and Frustrations

A quick post after being out and about with the camera this evening. I share this because I think its important to share ups, downs, success and failures. The internet is filled with "look how great" this is, but the reality is often very different, you have to go through a whole lot of "rubbish" sometimes before the nail hits the proverbial head..... or not. 

When I bought my 4x5 camera last year I had an idea for its use, I went out, shot a few images and they turned out ok, but the idea was not there. It evolved from B&W to colour, I went out tried some stuff and again it did not happen. This all then turned into the "One Shot. One Print. One Owner" project which ended up working and taking my attention away from my intial goal. 

Now here I am, refocussed with a slightly more bizarre idea influenced in part by several photographers but with a twist-I will explain that in another post, if it makes it that far! I bought a couple of packs of expired Fujifilm Provia 100 (date of expiration 1999) off the internet and went out to try again. I honestly do not know if this has worked or not, but this image has come out of the 6 that I shot, it is almost what I had in my head, not quite but almost....... anyway, I feel a bit frustrated. I know I have a making of a good visual project here that could be a bit different, especially from what I usually produce, but I cannot seem to execute it (yet). I wanted this to be WAY more out of focus than it is, the lights more blown out, the colours I'm happy with. I think its nearly there. Think.