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Hello again: 'An update'

Hello again! Its been quite a while since I last blogged, and so while I had a bit of time I thought I would pen this quick update. 

Last couple of months have been a crazy period of time hence the silence on the blog side. It started off when we went on holiday for a week in September, back to Bordeaux for my birthday and two days in Bilbao in which I lugged my 4x5 camera out to photograph some buildings in hope some would work out for The Other Art Fair. In amongst the 'relaxing' I was also able to fill up on some more stock shots and see the beautiful blue sea! The calm before the storm of October so to speak.... 

Land back home in October and straight into moving apartments, no sooner had we moved in then it was a mad rush to get everything ready for The Other Art Fair. My first art fair and first exhibition showing the Abstract Architecture series. It was spread over 4 days including a press/opening night and was tiring, fun and a full on roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

I sadly didnt sell anything at the fair, there was a lot of interest, a lot of interesting comments but the thing I will take away from the experiance is two fold: 1/ I am not a salesman (ha) and 2/ This is what I needed and want. I think I probably have come away a bit more focussed on my 'art' side of things, I certainly have a few more ideas and would LOVE to do it again next year (if i'm invited back). The team were amazing and thanks to all those that came out said hello and showed support-it was greatly appreciated. 

In amongst all this was work, which has also been non-stop too and seen me visiting and photographing some interesting London spaces inculding bars, hotels and the "usual" fancy penthouse or two. 

And thats kind of it...... I am knackered..... properly tired out. We are now into November and work persists with a few exciting projects coming up in December, I've also booked myself in to do some portrait lessons with a great photographer (more on that later) and I am wanting to try and get a couple of new series started before next year, as well as somehow trying to push the Abstract Architecture more and more (not sure how or when!!). And yes, a break somewhere is also much needed...........Pheeeeeew!! 

Hope you are all well and busy. See you next time. James