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My Entries: Sony World Photo Org Awards

If you've been trying to upload your photos this week (and last week by all accounts) to the WPO competition you will, I expect be as frustrated as I. Seems they have had an 'unexpected' amount of entrants this year, or rather 'someone cocked up' (probably/maybe) regarding getting the servers adequatly ready (who knows). Either way the website has been down, thumbnails not showing, extremly slow page loading times. Its all happened. That aside, I finally got some images uploaded.

Last year I decided to try and specifically shoot an architectural project for this competition-even bought the 4x5 for it. Well, that never happened, so I have scrambled around to piece together two sets, one travel, one architectural. For me the interesting thing is my absence of digital entries, in fact in all competitons I rarely enter anything thats been shot with my DSLR, that really has now been put to one side with the "work gear" tag strapped to it. Anyway, thought i'd share my entires, I dont expect anything to come out of it, but you never know. 

"An American Roadtrip" (Travel)

A Study of the Eiffel Tower Structure (Architecture)