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Ted Forbes: The Art of Photography

Hello all, quite often I am asked for good resources to recommend and more often than not I struggle, the internet is filled with information for photographers, however I do find sometimes that its often filled with content that is just too complicated, bogged down in numbers, facts and technical mumbo jumbo.

On purchase of my 4x5 camera I was looking for some practical advice, especially on black and white slide film, but what I found was a bunch of frustrating videos/websites that didn't clearly communicate. The other side of the coin is the blogs that say they talk about photography but just blab on about new gear, new cameras, what makes that camera great and why that camera is going to make you a better photographer. Enter Ted Forbes and "The Art of Photography"

I stumbled across Ted purely by accident and after watching a couple of his videos I was hooked. Ted was originally working at the Dallas Museum of Art but due to his popularity on Youtube has since quit. His videos are clear and concise, he presents in a very casual, open style and the focus is on photography. By that I mean, he doesn't bog you down in the new camera to get, or what camera to use. The video content is largely based around techniques, composition, film developing and the basic fundamentals that we should all be focussing on to create better images. Yes there are "gear reviews" on his website but even these feel less like some of the other "celebrity" photographers blogs. I guess, its primarily aimed at film photographers, but the basics apply to everyone who partakes in photography. 

Anyway, I really enjoy his shows and advice and even as a "seasoned" photographer, it never hurts to go back and brush up on ones own techniques. His reviews of other photographers work that you should be looking out for are also very interesting too. 

I have popped a couple of  my favourite videos of his below, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

Art Of Photography: website

Art of Photography: Youtube  

Ted Forbes: Twitter

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