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Film: Going large

Most of you that have been following my blogs will have noticed a larger amount of film related postings in recent times. I won't go over old ground as to why, because hopefully you will know! (ha)

What you might not know is that I have been trying to work out how to shoot a couple of private projects, one in particular mixing my two favourite things, film and architecture. Although my initial idea started in America, it has taken me the last two months to be able to dabble with various film types on my Hasselblad and research the kind of shot that I want to produce. Although with not much success, out of those "failures" so far I did find that what I have in my mind requires something a little bigger!! 

Enter the 4x5 large format camera:

The "Horseman Rail 4x5 with Sinar 150mm lens", considered a "technical camera" it is perfect for architecture, consists of several movements: Tilt, Shift, Rise and Fall and was used by my favourite architectural photographer….. but that's for another time.

I will blog more as I go along, that's if I ever tear myself away from just looking at it! But for now: "welcome to the family" old chum….