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Architecture: Roger Tallibet, Velodrome, Bordeaux

Right by the new Bordeaux football stadium sits an odd pyramid shaped construction. Its faded green in colour, with white lines and big white letters that scream at you as you drive round the round-about in front of it. It looks vaguely old, and probably not that interesting, but inside, oh inside is a velodrome, and a mighty fine example it is too. 

I love the outside and when I saw it, I knew I had to get inside. Usually I try and get inside buildings of interest and get turned away, especially when I say I would like to take photos. Not here in Bordeaux, this is one of five times (Darwin, Base-Sous Marine, CGT and Bordeaux University being the others) we've had; "Photos? No problem, help yourself" (just in French), which is refreshing attitude, the only requirement was to not be there long (which is fair enough).

In 1987 building started on Bordeaux's Velodrome, designed by architect Roger Tallibert and it was completed in 1989. A world class track that hosted various events and held many world records.

The figures: 100 metres square in size. It rests entirely on four pillars which rise to 38m in height. The inside is all wood, which adds a beautiful warmth to the look and feel. It holds 4560 spectators. The cycling track 250 metres in length. It also houses a four lane 200m running track and 100m sprint track. The cycling track is regarded as one of the best in the world and made from exotic wood from Cameroon. 

A beautiful building and a joy to photograph.