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Manfrotto Announcement(s)

At the start of the year I wrote a review about a wonderful travel tripod called the "Be Free" (which still doesn't fail to impress), and shortly after that I was invited to write four articles for the makers of that tripod,  Manfrotto, and its "Imagine More" website. "Imagine More" is a website that provides tips/experiences and inspiration, It covers everything from food, to travel, to Instagram and everything in between. If you have never seen it I recommend you click the link and go read it, even if you aren't a photographer there's a little something there for everybody. Being asked to contribute to "Imagine More" was something I jumped at and I am pleased to say those articles are due to be published in July (2014).

And now, happily I can also announce that I have been invited to be a featured photographer on Manfrottos new project about their bag range. It is fair to say I feel pretty honoured to be considered for and to be participating in this. It also means I have been sent a bag of my choice to use and write about, and today that bag arrived. It is from the new "Pro Light" range, which is geared towards professional photographers/videographers. I specifically chose this one as currently I use a shoulder bag, which I have found is starting to hurt my back with all the day to day gear, and isn't really geared towards trudging around and being plonked on the floor in the London rain. 

So I look forward to sharing my experiences with you here and on Manfrotto's websites, and hopefully this will be the start of more collaborative projects with Manfrotto.