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Thoughts: "Making it"

There seems to be a trend happening in photography of late, maybe it's always been around but due to the internet its more prominent. It is the obsession with becoming a "superstar" photographer, being "famous" or "making it". Almost daily there is a blog post promoting, or pointing at this notion that anything less than being a "superstar" is a failure. So, what is "making it"? Having thousands of adoring followers on Twitter? Doing Youtube instruction videos and plastering "Award Winning Photographer" all over your website? Hm….. I think not

I think it is fair to say most creatives have been told at one point or another that continuing down this route (photographers or artists) is fruitless. A career path that will pay little and will end up with most of us as "failures". Teachers said to me in the past "you won't make it" (there's those words again) "you need to get a proper job", and shamefully I listened, it took me years to finally realise that I should go for it, and 8 years later I am still being paid to take photos and now writing about doing so to. So what did they know? 

Forget all that celebrity, superstar, mumbo jumbo that drips all over the photography forums and blog posts. I suggest that if you are doing something that you love and being paid something for it then, congratulations….. you've "made it".

Now relax and go make some images. 

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