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The Hasselblad

Nearly two years ago I purchased a Hasselblad 500c, and It is a beautiful camera. I got it specifically in mind to do a project which never happened, and so it sat there looking at me, making me feel guilty. A little while later I bought some film and went out with it, sought out a lab in London to develop it and low and behold terrible terrible results. Bought some more film, shot a roll, took them to another London lab and again, terrible. Both labs had barely developed them, it's at this point I wish I had kept them to show you just how bad these two companies were. The film was in date, everything was metered correctly, it was, disappointing. 

Few months back before the travels I was contemplating selling it, it hadn't been used nearly as much as it should so made sense to cash in to fund trip a bit more. But convinced by my girlfriend I lugged it out to America to give it another go with a different lab. I took the two finished rolls to a well known lab in LA who wanted $120 to develop and scan the roll in 4 1/2 days, I went elsewhere, reluctant to pay that much! I discovered a lab in San Fran called Photoworks dropped the film in, bought 2 more rolls and received the email that they were ready to download 2 days later, and all for $40 (now that's what I call service). 

The results speak for themselves, all I needed was a good lab. I am confident that the first two  were just terrible at developing 120 film. I adore this camera (always have), It gives me more sense of accomplishment than any camera I've ever used, it's pure photography. I had always wanted to shoot big landscapes with a medium format film camera and here is a sample of that.

I love digital for it's speed but I love film for it's quality and ability to make me feel.