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LA's Disney Concert Hall

For some years now I have wanted to see and more importantly shoot LA's Disney Concert Hall, so when we arrived in LA for a few days I set aside an evening and ran on down there. 

The concert hall was designed by architect Frank Gehry, earlier this year I stumbled across another of his designs in Chicago, an amphitheater that was similar in curves and style. However for me this has always been "the one". It opened in October 2003 to a cost of $274 million, with a substantial amount donated by Disney themselves. (More info here)

I particularly wanted to shoot it at night (which meant I couldn't see inside sadly-apparently spectacular) and I got there just as sun was setting and the lights went on. Prior to heading out I had read that other photographers have had trouble shooting it with a tripod-a mixture of heavy handed "you can't do that here" police and over the top security guards from the building itself, so I was prepared to do handheld on arrival need be. However I started by shooting from across the street with tripod (to avoid being on "their land") and while I had no such problems with police, I was watched from start to finish by a security guard, despite other photographers also being around at the time. 

It is an extremely photographed building, so finding "new" angles of it to show off is tricky, especially as some of the angles/views of it are restricted. Ideally I would've stood on a parking lot opposite, if it wasn't for the trees in front! But anyway, I'm reasonably happy with the results (shame about that van and building work behind) and more importantly I got to see up close one of my favourite buildings in the world, and it didn't disappoint.