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Kickstarter: While Peter Lik did 'that', I launched this.


So this week a photographer took the world of art by storm and sold an image for $6.5m, his name, Peter Lik. Yep, me neither. However, it would seem Mr Lik is somewhat a master of marketing and has in fact sold several incredibly high priced pieces to private collectors in the past. And if this new story is true (its drawn more than a few questions regarding authenticity), whether you like his photography or not, hats off to him! Coincidentally this week I officially launched my Instant Film, Kickstarter project and it won't cost you anywhere near as much as $6.5m to own a unique piece of photography!

Chances are you might know about this due to Twitter or Facebook, however if you don't then the following is for you and even if you do know, well, it's still for you too!! (So keep on reading) 

A while ago I started playing around with a 4x5 film camera in the hope of getting a project started for the next Stephen Bartels Gallery submissions, however I was struggling, in every aspect. Either the film results weren't good enough or quite frankly, the idea sucked! I started to think of Instant Film as a solution to otherwise costly mistakes. To cut a long story short, the first shot I took with this wonderful Instant Peel back film I instantly knew what I had to do. 

Coming up with projects is difficult, but coming up with original ones is even harder. However I firmly believe that no matter the project, if it's something you love then it's a good one! And I LOVE film, I particularly love this format of Instant Film, and of course all things film it is never easy. The FujiFilm FP100-C45 I want to use is now discontinued, it is not being made, stocks outside Japan are hard to come by, and most boxes on eBay sell from USA at about £80-100 a box. It's annoying as it yields beautiful results. Which leads me to my project, a selection of 50 images, shot around London, taken in my traditional  simple and delicate style. I'm calling it:

"One shot. One Print. One Owner"

At this stage i'd ask you to go over to the Kickstarter page (click here) and read up all about it.

The reason I have chosen Kickstarter is that its low risk to all involved. If you like the idea you pledge the cash amount, no money gets taken from anyone right until the end of the project, if the target doesn't get hit then it just closes down, if it does get hit, you all get a nice framed, signed and unique 1of1 edition photograph (wait what?! Yes....... go click that link!). Now doesn't that sound good? You certainly won't get that with a Peter Lik print! 

I will continue to update (bug you) all as it evolves. So If you like the idea and would like to join, PLEASE pledge, the quicker the pledges get filled the easier it is to sort everything out. (enough begging James) 

Gooooodbye! :-)