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On Film: 4 Little Squares (Barcelona)

I am not a prolific film photographer by any stretch of the imagination. The other week I took 3 medium format films (12 exposures each) and a roll of 35mm (36 exposures) to Barcelona and to be frank, struggled to take 12 photos. In fact by the end of the second day there I had taken exactly 3 photos, and after three days I had taken only 21 photos, and most of those felt "forced". I do sometimes wonder how people shoot so much on these short trips, it often takes me a month to finish one roll!?

Anyway, the lack of photos is not to say there is nothing attractive to take photos of in Barcelona, far from it. It's a beautiful city with stunning architecture, a great beach and I had a wonderful weekend there. The food, weather, drink, company were superb. I was also fortunate to be taken to watch Barcelona win 5-1 at Camp Nou AND witness Messi score a hat-trick to break the league scoring record. 

I just couldn't click the shutter. Why? Because sometimes, the memories are just better than the photos.