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Shooting Film is Easy....

james tarry

A few quick thoughts:

Few weeks ago I read some comments by some photographers (mostly one) on Twitter along the lines of "shooting film is easy", "they make such a big deal about it" and various comments of that ilk. I sat there and bit my lip. 

Some of you might be aware I have been trying to work on a project with a 4x5 monorail camera, and its not been going well. My initial idea has evolved over various stages, which is fine, thats expected. But if you want to tell me this has been easy, in any capacity, then I'd love to sit down and tell you why its been 100x harder than doing it with a digital. 

I wanted to enter this project for the Sony WPO competition and the closing date is fast approaching. I'll be honest, I don't think it's going to happen. There has been lab issues with the B&Ws (they destroyed them), there has been colour issues with myself developing (I destroyed them), and now, my project idea hangs in the balance as the Polaroid back I had shipped from Japan is in fact the wrong size (Japan destroyed them! ha). 

Frustrating, time consuming, expensive, technically more difficult and most of all, often heart breaking. If I had done this with my DSLR, it would've been over by now, wrapped up, submitted. Today, with the polaroid back it is yet another massive disappointment. I am determined this project will finish, I had hoped in time for WPO's, but if not then maybe next years "The Other Art Fair". So film photography, easy? No, sorry. I won't be having any of that. 



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