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On Film: Paris

Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted any new shots, few people have asked if I just haven't been shooting at all. Truth is its been extremely busy work wise and I've been sorting a couple of new exciting things out as well thats been taking up a lot of time.

However, this month I found myself back in Paris for a couple of days. This was the first time i'd travelled without a digital camera, choosing only the old faithful Hasselblad and a 35mm Canon AE-1 which I had inherited this year. It was the first time the Canon had been used in 20 years so no one had any idea if it worked/would work. This would be the perfect time to test it out, as with all our trips to Paris, we wouldn't be seeing much of the city anyway due to darting from one side to another, catching up with friends, eating and drinking...... the usual things :)

Below are a small selection of "successful" shots from that weekend. See you soon!