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Fair to say its been a pretty good year so far, (unusually) i have entered competitions and had moderate success, shot a building i love for an international architecture project, had over 2000 hits to the Battersea Power blog post and got my self published book out there selling and in Foyles Bookshop are some of the highlights.

In the past i have rarely entered competitions they are too subjective on either what one person thinks or how many "likes" someone can summon up from their social networking, its often not whats about the most technical but what is the most simple and "oooh isnt that pretty". But this year i have been in four, not made the final on one, been shortlisted for two (Architecture and Landscape) and won one. 

November sees the start of a sweeping and dramatic change but there will be more of that in coming months for now here's to patting myself on the back, taking risks, for those recent "successes" and to adventures new.

Below: Winning photo printed in Daily Telegraph Travel section.


Below: "Observation" book selling in Foyles, London bookshop

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