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Tom Dixon's Water Tower


Last year I was approached by Airbnb to carry out some photos on an exciting new project. They had hired architects to make 3D models of interesting and architecturally significant listings that they had on their website and their surroundings. I was to provide landscape shots from the upper floors of the views for a backdrop for the finished model and some exterior shots. The building, Tom Dixon's Ladbroke Grove Water Tower conversion.

Designer Tom Dixon purchased the 1920's water tower (which initially could hold up to 5,000-gallons of water) in 2005 and set about to convert it into a residential dwelling in 2009. As it currently stands it sits next to the Grand Union Canal and is sectioned off into three stories with a central metal spiral staircase connecting each floor although the first architectural sketches were somewhat different: BDOnline.

It has a minimal finish with the "ground" floor containing an open plan kitchen and bathroom with exposed concrete supports while the first and second floors host bedrooms with en suites and wood clad walls with views. Its a stunning property and one I have particularly wanted to see inside for some time. Especially as i am a massive fan of Tom Dixon Studio's and his work. 

Below is a selection of the exteriors, a stitched panoramic of what the view is like (sadly the weather did not play ball!) and a couple of interiors...... I couldn't resist! 

You can rent the space out through Airbnb

All images are copy right to Airbnb.