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"Bang bang"

james tarry

I speak about, write about, read alot about, quote alot of, watch shows on, read books by one photographer mostly, William Klein. Its no secret that he is probably the most influential photographer to me since the days i was starting out and was wowed by Ansel Adams. Mr Klein weighs heavily on my mind every time i go out looking for street photography. 

Today i was speaking to a chap on twitter after i had mentioned in a tweet that it was an unsuccessful days of shooting "delete delete delete" were my exact words, he had mentioned a quote from a street photographer he liked about how you should never push the button unless the shot is there, i had replied that photographers, especially Street Photographers have various techniques, i myself am somewhat more Klein and Moriyama.... a bit scattershot but ultimately know what we want the end game to look like.

Today i rushed into a crowd, part of it was bathed in harsh sunlight between buildings and there was a girl slap in the middle highlighted, i knew what i wanted i moved into position BANG BANG. Walked away. Its how i shoot. When reviewing said image i had also caught a guy moving into frame and a head (clump of hair) of a woman, i kind of liked it, kind of didn't. I think its the guy, the hair, the space on her left, i wish he were looking at me.....not sure....I deleted it. I am brutal with images. 


"Sometimes, I’d take shots without aiming, just to see what happened, I’d rush into crowds – bang! bang! I liked the idea of luck and taking a chance. Other times I’d frame a composition I saw and plant myself somewhere, longing for some accident to happen." William Klein


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