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"Observation" book competition


So a book. The first question i am asked is why?

In a world full of instant digital photographs that we browse, flick through and instantly forget, wouldn't it be nice to actually do something with images that i have taken, to feel the paper, to see a small collection as one? I personally am rather fed up of seeing photography as just pixels on a screen to be "liked" and thats really the reason. I have built up a small collection of Street Photography and i wish to share it with you and although you can see the images on this here website theres nothing quite like seeing them in print or in a book. 


"Observation" is a small print, funded by me, in soft back, containing 25 or so images. I am not of the magnitude of say William Klein so its modest to say the least but the images are ones that i am particularly fond of and i hope that you will enjoy them also. In a few weeks time i will be selling copies but for now i thought it would be nice to give one away. 

To enter all you have to do is follow me on  Twitter ( JT__photography) and retweet the following: 

"Observation"   book competition by @JT__photography. Follow & RT to enter. Visit  for details

And thats it. In two weeks time i shall fairly select a winner by random and DM you and then send you a free book. 

Sounds alright? Well...... go tweet.  


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