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Image inside an image

james tarry

Sometimes a photo is created. 

I left the underground station at Tottenham Court Road, camera at the ready, soon after a crowd of people started to rush past leaving behind a couple on the right (see #2 in original image below) joking around and at the same time there was a woman standing in the middle of the crowd (#1 in original image below) that was now dispersing. I knew that with the sun setting behind me that there was going to be something worthwhile capturing. However i neither had the time to move into place or the space, or else what i had in my mind would rapidly vanish. So i aimed at the scene as a whole and pulled the trigger. One chance thats all i had. 


And to be honest, i wrote it off. I have gotten into a routine where i shoot and move in crowd situations and I never fire more than twice and often only have the one shot, if i get it i get it, if i don't well, c'est la vie. It was only on the tube ride home that i was reviewing the night shots before pressing the delete button that i moved the zoom around (a habit i have got myself into before i delete anything) and found the crop and the scene i was hoping for.......... i will be honest, i didn't notice the chap behind, the fact he was looking right between the two women was a little added bonus and i think, for me he really makes the image. 

Luck? Maybe. But if i hadn't had the foresight or imagination about what "might" happen then i would have nothing, sometimes its more beneficial to shoot the whole scene than wait and lose it altogether.


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