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Serpentine Gallery 2013:

The 4th of June saw the launch of the new Serpentine Pavilion in Hyde park, for those not in the know or who don't live in London the Serpentine Gallery selects a talented architect every year to design a temporary pavilion for the public to view and more importantly interact with: this year (2013), sees the youngest architect in the galleries thirteenth year to display his talent.

Sou Fujimoto's stunning piece of architecture made up of 20mm steel tubes, the 250 square foot structure sits beautifully on the grounds and almost effortlessly floats to the skies-almost cloud like and draws you in to sit, relax, walk on and relax in.

Alas, this was the morning after the official launch so I couldn't get close enough through all the VIP, events and other photographers however here is a quick view of - I shall return next week to take some more shots...... Probably along with every other architectural photographer in London!!

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