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Just one of those days.......

There are weeks when i feel i haven't seen and photographed anything "special", i've been lucky enough to be photographing property around London now for near on six years and have seen everything from squats to houses that have appeared on the most expensive list and everything in between. I usually don't really know what im going to find behind the doors of the next job, i always have an idea but that sheer joy when it turns out to be something like one of today well, that has never faded. 

I happened to photograph a property on the same street a few weeks ago that had appeared in Architectural Digest and a couple of years ago i had photographed a stunning apartment next to this, it seems that this particular road likes its Architects. This one in particular was designed by Stephen Fletcher Architects  ( ) and features American Walnut floors, plenty of clever hidden storage spaces and access to a secluded communal garden. 

Below is a selection of images from the shoot:

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