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​Real Estate/Estate Agent photography

Real Estate/Estate Agent photography forms the basis of my bread and butter and i love it alot. In the six years photographing around London i've seen some amazing and not so amazing places (and everything in between), and have met some wonderful people along the way. It's a varied and interesting job. With agents finally realising the importance of good marketing photography many are turning to professional photographers and in turn the postage of property photography on social networks has increased also and people wanting to get into themselves!

Almost weekly now I receive an email through my website or on my twitter asking for advice on how to achieve the results that i have on my interior photography section and If i had a £1 for every time i got asked advice on camera equipment during a week i could fund all my coffee pit stops! However i'm always more than happy to help if i can, especially if someone has been kind enough to take time looking through my work and contacted me through the site, it's the least i can do, but its a little time consuming if i'm honest so hence this post. 

It's fair to say i'm active on social networks, i read a lot of blogs for Interior Photography and often post on these too and in my experience, from what i've seen the Americans shoot very different to us here in the UK. I've had fairly heated debates on sites like Fstoppers where the American photographers refused to believe that a/I do the images i do in under an hour and that its at all possible b/not do them using HDR and c/do a floor plan on top! The London Real Estate market is so big, so competitive and so fast paced that you quite often need to work equally as fast. London is like that, no one (seemingly) has the time, people want top quality work and a very quick turnaround (next morning!). For example i turned up this week at a new development and i had 1 hour to shoot and floor plan three new apartments (i had initially booked out two hours in my diary, although they really wanted me out in 30mins!), it's not ideal but this is the reality. The Americans call this "Gunning and Running", i call it "London style: efficiency turned up to 10"

In the next few weeks i will try and post a few behind the scenes on how i do what i do as quick as i do which might answer some of the questions that i see in my inbox.