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"ob·ser·va·tion", It's going to be a book!

Ok so here goes. Im working on putting a small book of my work together, why? Well it goes like this: I work all week shooting interiors for other people and during that time i've been building up a small collection of "Street Photography" which is a real passion of mine and its this work that's gradually getting more and more views and more and more requests for prints. I also feel that i should really be exhibiting them somewhere/somehow but here's the thing i find myself just not having the time to do it. And here is where a book comes in. I will explain the title a bit later on! 

I have noticed a trend for self published books especially in photography. I figure its much like the music scene there's people out there doing what they love and the best way to get themselves seen and heard is by doing it themselves, having control over their work and not relying on it falling in their lap (which rarely happens). And lets be honest, who doesn't like a book of artists work? Rather than buying one print you can get to look at a collection of them. That's my theory anyway.

So currently you find me compiling a test copy then hopefully shortly after i will do a small run. I'm really excited about this and i feel it's exactly the right time to attempt it. I will keep you posted. 

Below is a sneak peek:


Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 10.50.47.png
Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 18.30.07.png
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