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Big City + Social Media = Small World

james tarry

Street Photography: a type of documentary photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places

What i particularly like about street photography is that despite the thousands/millions ( arguably billions what with mobile phones) of us out there doing it, every photo is unique, never to be replicated, it is to quote Henri Cartier-Bresson: "The moment! Once you miss it, it is gone forever". So it is with this in mind i rarely leave the flat without my camera, keen to catch something that makes me laugh, a human observation of the mundane or just a neon sign glowing in the darkness. On one such night i was in Piccadilly, London when i spotted this chap posing in front of the lights: 


I naturally snapped away and came away hopeful that i got an image, it was after though that my friend had commented: "Imagine, that guy was there totally unaware that he's been snapped and put on a website/social media forum, he could become famous without ever knowing it". This instantly raised a question; "With the way Social Network is now a dominant force in our lives what are the chances of someone seeing, and possibly being offended by one of my photos?" 

Now, i dont post my photos on a lot of social media sites for i feel it devalues them,  i personally dont like Flickr so dont ever put anything on there, i occasionally put work on 500px, im heavy on Twitter but only post photos/links to my work every now and again and my Facebook account is blocked to all those outside of my friends list so really, what were the chances of someone seeing themselves or someone they knew? Slim right? Especially in a city such as London with a population just shy of 9 million.....Had to be slim? I thought so too. 


I shot the above image this week, 14th March 2013. Nothing amazingly special, i just happened to like the guy bathing in the rare sunlight, enjoying his smoke while standing next to the "Made in London" sign, it summed up the day nicely, i happen to like observational images of people grabbing a thought/smoke/bite to eat in the mundanity of their lives, i don't know him, i didn't speak to him. It was shot in Soho, London, population 9 million. I posted it on my Facebook wall. My phone buzzed later that night. One comment from an old work colleague friend of mine: "Huh?! That is my brothers mate outside my brothers shop...?!!" 

Big City + Social Media = Small World

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